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FloodsPro offers flood damage repair, fire restoration and mold remediation 24 hours a day. If your house has experienced Water Damage San Diego then give us a call as soon as possible. Our high trained team of flood restoration experts will come to your home to stop the flooding and repair your home. Within 1 hour our team will be at your home to determine the issue and start the repair process. We also come prepared to start working right away. Our quick response time is super in reducing the amount of damage and expense it will cost your your insurance company. It is always our goal to save as many of your possessions as possible from the damage. We take great care in making sure your property is restored back to normal and all your sentimental items are preserved. We do an excellent job of protecting your possessions and reducing the costs your insurance company will have to pay for. We have the latest and greatest in flood restoration equipment and this enables us to get the job done quicker, faster and less expensive. Our total time from start to finish is consistently quicker and less expensive then our competitors which is a huge bonus to our clients.

Water Damage San Diego

Tips after your experience Water Damage

You will want to get the water shut off at the main line as soon as possible.

Wipe off all your furniture to ensure that it is actually dry.

You will need to move all our your photos to a safe and dry location.

You need to remove as much water as possible. You can do this by using large towels to soak up the wet areas. You can also use a mop to remove puddles of water in your home.

You can place aluminum foil underneath the legs of your furniture to help prevent any stains on the carpet and flooring.

Open up all doors and windows in the home. This includes closets, drawers and luggage to help prevent the growth of mold in the home.

Things NOT to do after a flood/water damage

Never use an ordinary vacuum to clean up or suck up water. This will definitely ruin your vacuum and won’t help with the problem.

You never want to use electrical equipment or appliances while on the wet carpet. This is a quick way to start a fire or cause an accident.

Never go into rooms where there is a lot of water on the ground until all of the electricity has been turned off.

You never want to lift the carpet when it is wet like this as it might cause stretching or damage.

Flood Damage San Diego

Never delay in calling a professional restoration company who can help with your water damage San Diego. Time is always your enemy in a situation like this and the faster that you call someone to help you the better position you will be in. This means your home will get repaired quicker and your possessions will have a better chance of being saved which is super important. It will also mean that your insurance company will have to spend less money on the repairs which will ultimately keep your insurance premiums lower as well. As you know floods and water damage can cause a huge amount of damage to your belongings and your home. The next time something like this happens you need to call the experts. Water Damage Oceanside

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